Strokes For Cancer Prevention

United by a cause

Strokes for cancer prevention

We invite you to be a part of this socially responsible action, doing what you like doing the most, swimming… And what better way to make it more interesting than doing it with a cause. You are the hero, the main character of this story, because without you this would not be possible. To SWIM in open waters and give your strokes to a cause, enriches you, strengthens you, helps you face your fears and your own limits. To overcome this, makes you a better person.

 Participating encourages you to work and raise funds in a teamwork fashion, teaching us tolerance and respect for others. If you have been here before, you must have realized that when hearts are united for a cause, there is no impossibility.

Fund – Raising Competition

Support for people that are suffering from this disease

If your challenge is purely personal and sports oriented, this is not the event for you, you will surely be able to fulfill your goals in other challenges that have other goals. In this event, we seek to celebrate that participants can use their state of good health to support by swimming, those who are in disgrace, in unison to try and achieve to give those facing this terrible disease the best opportunity to fight and survive. That is why it is necessary to emphasize that this swimming event is a congregation to celebrate swimmers who consciously support all those with low resources who suffer from this disease and require our solidarity support. This event is not a sports competition, it is the sum of strokes for the prevention of cancer, is a FUND RAISING COMPETITION, swimming is only the vehicle to achieve the objectives of support.