Strokes For Cancer Prevention

The dream of helping improve our health

By Edna Llorens (Por Ellas… CEO)

Por ellas… Is born from the dream of swimming with a cause. The dream of improving our health, our society, and our country.

This initiative created by Edna Llorens, who in 2006 proposed to a group of sportspeople to join her to swim with a cause, strokes to promote cancer awareness and prevention, as this illness leads indexes in female mortality within Mexico.

By this a group of a diverse discipline female high endurance athletes is formed, and since then have worked in favor of health and sports in Mexico. Their compromise is to join their efforts into the lives of women who feel alone. With acts they are boosting actions favoring health and life, so that in their freedom to be, all women favor their wellbeing, Por ellas… (for themselves).

They have participated in nine open-water swimming events named “Por Ellas…” strokes to promote cancer awareness. It is our mission to promote a preventive education towards these diseases such as cancer, each event edition brings with health fairs and conferences open to the general public.

Open water swimming events

Since the 2009 edition, open-water swimmers from all over Mexico are invited in an open invitation to participate and be a part of a support culture, raising and donating funds through “Mujeres Activas” organization, and favor the less fortunate.